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Joint Box for Opatical Cables
Joint Box for Opatical Cables

Joint Box for Opatical Cables

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Joint Box for Opatical Cables


1. Definition

1. Applicable to direct joints or multi-branch joints of ADSS, OPGW and other optical cables.

2. Good air-tightness and good oxidative resistance.

3. The overall structure of products features excellent environmental adaptability and reliability, which can meet the

requirement of optical communication system.

4. Simple installation and fast assembly.

5. Space sufficient enough to store fibers; sufficient bending radius for optical fiber; joint loss of optical fiber not

subject to stress and transmission characteristics of optical fiber being guaranteed.

2. Packing

Generally packed in standard palletized wooden cases if required, or as per customer's requirement.

3. Specification & Parameter




Two-way 12 cores


AL Alloy

Three-way 24 cores


Four-way 36 cores


Four-way 48 cores


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