Copolymer Aluminium Tape
RLB is professional manufacturing and production Copolymer Aluminium Tape. This product is used for shielding layer and waterproof layer of communication cable, shielding cable and waterproof cable.
Copper Tape
Copper Tape is widely used for the shielding layer of power cable ,which shields signal and interferes electromagnetism.
Water-blocking Tape
Water-blocking Tape is widely used In optical fiber cable, data cable, telecom cable and control cable.
ALuminum Alloy Ingot
ALuminum Alloy Ingot is widely applicable to new type of advanced material and special alloys in automobile/high-speed railway/aerospace/military industries/power and electronic/building material/food and medicine packaging and so on.
Copolymer Coated Copper Tape
Copolymer Coated Copper Tape applies for medium and high voltage power cables as a shield/moisture barrier as a moisture/ chemical barrier for cable core.
Stripping Machine
OBS 40 Stripping machine is specially designed to recycle the waster rubber wire and sheath cable. The operators just feed
Central Stranding Machine
Central Stranding Machine is suitable for compacting round or sector copper or aluminum conductors, especially stranding massive and the same specification products.
Bunching Machine
Double twist bunching machineis mainly used for stranding multi-stranded copper wires, tinned wires, enameled wires, copper-clad aluminum wires.
Bow Type Laying Up Machine
Bow Type Laying Up Machine is suitable for stranding 2-6 cores ABC overhead cable, control cable or power cable.
Aluminum Clad Steel Production Line
Aluminum Clad Steel Production Line is designed for producing AS wire and soft cladding of OPGW.


JIANGSU RELIABLE INDUSTRY CO. LTD (RLB) was established in the year 2001 in the fast developing city of Changzhou, in Jiangsu the Easter-Central provinceof China. Since then, RLB has been working dynamically to become a preferred supplier of Wire & Cable materials and a reliable provider o...

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Since then,RLB has been working dynamically to become a preferred supplier of Wire & Cable materials and areliable provider of equipment, systems and solutions.

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Copper Rod Breakdown with Annealing Production Line
produce copper wires sized φ1.2-4.5mm from aluminum rods of φ8mm , Wire online annealing softening;
Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line
This production line adopts the advanced fire refining technology to produce the ¢8MM bright low-oxygen copper rod which is meet the international sta...

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