About RLB


JIANGSU RELIABLE INDUSTRY CO. LTD (RLB) was established in the year 2001 in the fast developing city of Changzhou, in Jiangsu the Easter-Central province of China. Since then, RLB has been working dynamically to become a preferred supplier of Wire & Cable materials and a reliable provider of equipment, systems and solutions. RLB leveraged from utilizing technology with its strong experience and knowledge in the industry Standards, to guarantee to offer price-competitive yet premium products directly from its own manufacturing facilities or through the strong  connections and solid joint ventures with other prominent source suppliers located in China.


RLB's growing global market reach extends from Asia Pacific to Latin-America, and from North-Africa & Middle East to Europe and South-East Asia. 

Counting on its comprehensive industry know how and its wide basket of products and services.

RLB had the privilege to obtain access to big and vital customers in the W&C Industry, which were soon turn into repeatedly satisfied clients. 

For the last decade, RLB has a record of more than 30 successfully delivered projects especially in the regions that witnessed fast  development of the W&C Industry.

Today, RLB is highly grateful to its client spread for trusting its extended pool of offered products, ranging from metals (copper, aluminum, and steel), plastics, chemicals, and tapes, as well as heavy machinery, intermediate machinery,auxiliary equipment and spare-parts & tools.


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