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Use of stranding machine
 Jan 14, 2020|View:1631

At present, the frequency of using electrical appliances is getting higher and higher, so the requirements for electrical appliances using electrical wires have gradually increased. If all the electrical wires used are set to a uniform standard, there will be many unsuitable electrical appliances. So the emergence of stranding machine solves this kind of problem.

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The resistances of power lines produced using stranding machine are all different, and there are many factors that affect them. The main effect of removing the material is on the thickness of the power cord. When using a stranding machine, there are two ways to use, one is to directly twist the metal wire, and the other is to twist the wire with insulation protection. The difference between these two methods is in use. The resistance of the wire plays an important role.

Stranded wires with insulation protection are mostly twisted with two to three wires. These wires have different functions when they are not kept up. The main function of twisting them together is to facilitate storage. Twisting bare metal wires increases the resistance of the wires, protecting both electrical appliances and plug-in boards, sockets, etc.

When using this equipment for stranding, the machine must first be selected based on the nature of the stranded wire. Different strands of wire require different forces when they are twisted. In order to make all the processed wires uniform in thickness, the medium used in the processing is different, so the machine must be selected.

There are many types of stranding machine. Different types of stranding machines have different requirements in the process of use. Users who need stranding machines can contact us. We have many types of stranding machines. For you to choose and look forward to your visit.

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