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Notes on Stranding Machine Operation
 Jan 28, 2021|View:97

The stranding machine has specialized equipment for winding electromagnetic coils. In actual operation, the handle swings, the transmission wheel rolls, then the unit transmission gear rolls (transmission ratio is L: 4 or 1:8) , the unit transmission gear main shaft rolls. The winding die is fixed by tightening the nuts on both sides. In addition, a vertical lead screw is used to drive the coiler, so that the marking of the coiler corresponds to the ratio of the rotating speed of the transmission gear. When the wire is wound, the transmission line is drawn from the single stranded machine, and one end of the transmission line is fixed at one end of the winding die, and then the wire can be wound.


If you purchase a stranding machine that is not fully automated, here are some practical things to avoid:

(1) pay attention to the tensile force of transmission lines to moderate, stop too large or too small.

(2) when winding the wire, the energy should be collected and the number of turns should be accurate. Stop the turn error of the winding coil.

(3) the turns of the line should be placed neatly, to prevent the placement of a more scattered.

(4) when winding the system to prevent loose and tight, hard to symmetrical.

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