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What are the characteristics of the stranding machine?
 Aug 12, 2021|View:90

The current production of stranding machines roughly has the following characteristics:

1. High speed, good stability

2. Automatic tension control: when stranding, the tension of the winding reel should be increased continuously from the chassis to the full reel, the stranding function can automatically track and adjust the tension of the winding reel, so that the tension of the whole reel is uniform, and the tension can be adjusted without stopping (on the touch screen).

3. Wire crossing system: for example, the wire of the bow stranding machine directly crosses the line from the main shaft guide wheel to the bow belt. The bow belt is designed with a unique semicircle groove, and the semicircle porcelain ring of the bow belt is used to cross the line, which avoids the phenomenon of wire scraping and jumping caused by wind resistance during high-speed operation.

stranding machine

4. Spindle lubrication mode: Oil splash lubrication, is equipped with four storage box) before and after the two fuel tanks, oil pan rejection behind them in front of the tank of the oil in the tank, and then through the tank back to back in front of the tank, the oil in the main shaft bearing seat in natural circulation cooling, can prolong the service life of the machine (there are oil baffle ring on both ends of the main shaft bearing seat and the oil return hole, to prevent oil leakage, maintain internal cleaning machine).

5. Safety protection: the oil level of the spindle bearing of thestranding machine is controlled by the limit switch. If the oil level is lower than the set oil level, it will automatically alarm on the touch screen or cannot be started; The contact of the starting door is not in place, the contact of the lifting platform is not in place, and the internal and external wires are broken, etc., which will automatically alarm on the touch screen or fail to start.

6. Main shaft and aluminum plate: The noise is below 80 decibels processed by a high-speed dynamic balancer.

7. Electrical control: touch screen human-machine interface user-friendly operation, controlled by PLC program controller + frequency converter.

8. Transmission system: the whole machine adopts synchronous belt drive, accurate spacing, no lubrication point in the machine, machine clean, the stranding machine will not produce secondary line, waste line due to oil contamination.

9. Change the pitch: easy to operate, only need to change a guide wheel corresponding to the pitch table.

10. Pressing device: there are two pressing devices inside the machine to ensure the roundness of the stranded conductor, ensure the product characteristics of thin-wall insulated wire, and effectively reduce the consumption of insulating materials.

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