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Continuous Aluminum Extrusion Production Line
 Aug 23, 2021|View:657

Extrusion mode: Radial direction continuous extrusion by single round and single groove.

Application: Aluminum tube

Main technical parameters:

Diameter of extrusion wheel: Ø340mm

Power of main motor: 200KW

Max rotating speed of main machine: 20r/min

Range of speed regulation: 0-20r/min

Diameter of products: Ø4-Ø 30

Thickness of tube: 0.4-6mm

Max. production capacity: 250kg/h

Flash level: <3-5%

Power supply: 400V 50Hz 260KVA

Raw material:

Ø12mm Aluminum rod: aluminum content: 99.7%

Diameter tolerance: ±0.2mm

Strength of aluminum rod: ≤95N/mm

Continuous Aluminum Extrusion Production Line-5061629683566535.jpg

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