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Advantages Of Coil Tilter
 Sep 10, 2021|View:49

● No extrusion on coil in titling process, safe and reliable, flexible operation, stable and no impact.

The base of tilter is all-welded steel structure, which is simple in structure and easy to maintain and overhaul.

It can be less than 90 degrees to adjust the product tilting angle, effectively prevent the product dumping.

The tilter has power off protection measures, and the operation table is set up stop and emergency stop control.

All the rotating parts of tilter are lubricated by dry oil, and the lubrication is reliable.

The coil can be tilted vertically into horizontal, or tilted horizontal into vertical, cycle operation.

Reasonable design of driving mechanism box, manual operation, circulation type work

The use of independent control cabinet, improve the operation and maintenance, remote control.


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