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Electrolytic Copper Continuous Casting and Rolling Line
 Nov 15, 2021|View:311

● This production line adopts the advanced fire refining technology to produce the φ8MM bright low-oxygen copper rod which is meet the international standards in the continuous casting line.

● The production line is composed by the melting furnace, holding furnace, five wheel continuous casting machine, rolling shear machine, straightening machine, trimming machine, continuous rolling mill, lubrication system, cooling deoxidization system, coiler and electrical control system etc.

● The crystallization wheel adopts four sides cooling and the casting ingot is compact and uniform.

● The rolling mill adopts 2 roller stand with oil and emulsion separation system. It is convenient for operation, maintenance and has long service life.

● The whole production line adopts IPC+HMI+PLC control with auto synchronization, secure storage of process data and real time display of operating condition.

● 12T/H,18T/H and 25T/H are available for customer's choice.


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