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Structural advantages of stranding machine
 Jan 13, 2020|View:948

Today's machines are tending to be automated and intelligent. For repetitive and boring tasks, machines have long been replaced by them. Stranding machine is one of them. It is known that the function of the stranding machine is to wind multiple wires into one. In the process of integration, it is necessary to ensure that their thickness is the same. It is more reasonable to hand over the work to the machine.

Central Stranding Machine

In the process of use, it appears that a group of metal wires have been wound for many times, and the machine can no longer wind it. At this time, the diameter of the metal wires is already large. Therefore, the stranding machine was upgraded. The diameter of the wire determines the different machines used. The larger the diameter of the metal wire to be synthesized, the stronger the twisting force of the machine. When twisting a small number of wires with thin wires, it can be operated with a small or ordinary type of machine, and he can better twist the wires.

Its composition is simple, and there are no complicated electronic components in the middle. In the process of intersecting wires, the force generated by the twisting machine during the rotation process is mainly used to gather the wires together. In this process, the magnitude and speed of the force received by the wires are the same, so the formed wire The thickness is the same. Generally, the speed of the machine can be adjusted to meet different needs.

There are many advantages in the process of using the stranding machine. If you want to know more about it, please contact us and look forward to your visit.

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