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Flexibility of stranding machine in use
 Jan 10, 2020|View:898

Many of the metal wires used today are based on small wires. The twisting and twisting machines used for this type of wire are the most traditional models because all twisted wires are used. The foundation is based on it. This type of stranding machine is used to twist multiple strands in the process of use, and its driving energy is completed by electricity.

stranding machine

The working principle of the stranding machine is actually very simple. It is a device that combines multiple wires and rotates them at the same time so that they form a strand of wire. The size of the equipment that can be selected during the operation of it is also More flexible. It is mainly determined according to the appearance and processing quantity of the wire, and the wire with an insulation cover can also be operated during twisting.

Larger equipment can clearly see its entire operating process. This type of equipment is only suitable for twisting materials with large quantities or thick wires. There are multiple protection systems when operating this kind of equipment, and it will not run directly after power-on, which guarantees the safety of users. Today's devices are gradually approaching intelligence in operation. Yes, it is easier and faster to use it.

Tubular Type Stranding Machine.jpg

When using the equipment, only the beginnings of all the wires are placed through the various parts and they can be operated. No manual assistance is required during the operation. When the twisting is completed, the wound coils have been stored Can be directly packed, reducing the workload of the staff and easier operation.

In the process of using the stranding machine, it can be clearly seen that it is flexible and safe in use. Users who need to order the stranding machine can contact us and look forward to your arrival.

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