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Structure of tubular stranding machine
 Jan 06, 2020|View:1425

There are many types of stranding machine. Different stranding machines produce different winding forms. The winding results are the same in most machines. The difference is that the number of winding wires is different and the winding Different ways. There are many types of tubular stranding machines that are used for stranding.

Tubular Type Stranding Machine.jpg

The tubular stranding machine looks like a downturned barrel, with a sharp mouth at one end, and multiple coils of metal wire are placed inside the barrel. The effect is collected on the take-up rack. During the operation of the machine, some original metal wires are wound together side by side through some parts, and the wound and wound wires are neatly stored on the wire rack by traction.

During the operation of the machine, the noise is low, the winding effect is good, and the efficiency is high. There are many metal materials that can be used for stranded wires, and can process metals of different softness and hardness. Equipped with a fixed abutment at the bottom of the machine can fix the machine and make the operation more stable.

The stranding machine can process a lot of metal wires, and the interfaces of products made according to the thickness of the provided metal wires and the number of stranded wires are also different. The stranding machine has a core of 6 strands and 12 strands in the process of stranding.

Through the above content, you can understand the structural characteristics of the tubular stranding machine. If you want to know more about him, you can contact us and look forward to your visit.

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