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Precautions for stranding machine maintenance and use
 Feb 09, 2021|View:724

The normal operation of stranding machine equipment is necessary. In order to make the product appearance better, better quality and to minimize human losses, we should perform the following operations when using the stranding machine:

1. Check whether the stranding machine meets the actual production process requirements;

In the second round, look at the distorted appearance, press to form a perfect unit with good shape, jumpers, air leakage, etc.;

Cage Type Stranding Machine (1).jpg

3. Check whether the installed capacity of the process meets the requirements, the lines are intact, and the cables are neat.

4. Check the red and black without conductor on the processing unit;

5. Confirm the number of processes on the line, the correct direction, complete identity, and neat rows;

6. Verify that the packaging is intact, the markings, specifications and process requirements.

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