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Where is the wide application of stranding machine reflected
 Dec 27, 2019|View:268

Commonly used wires in life, when it is shortened horizontally, it will be found that it has a different style from the outside. These are all composed of stranding machine.

As the main machine for making electric wires, you can find that different wires have different winding rooms through observation. These are changed by it. There are many types of it, which can be classified according to the thickness of the cable, the number of cables, and the direction of the cable. It is these numerous classification methods that have many machines available.

Tubular Type Stranding Machine.jpg

When using it to twist the cables, first place different cable loops in different positions, and then place the beginning of the cable in the position of the bow, and twist each cable through the machine Together, these strands are now entangled under the drive of the stranding machine, and can be easily carried without manual finishing. In the machine, not only the metal cable can be wound directly, but also the cable with a plastic protective sleeve can be wound.

Its shape is changed according to the cable. It has many different styles and its area varies. The largest machines use it to twist a single cable or a cable with higher hardness. This can ensure the stability of cable winding.

Through various introductions, it can be clearly known that the application of stranding machine is wide. We have various styles of stranding machines for you to choose at will. Come and buy it.

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